Business Tax

Our services in this field are primarily concerned with tax planning for multi-national and national companies.  The way in which a transaction is structured can save large amounts in tax.

In addition to advising on corporate tax, capital gains tax, death duties, we also advise on Valued Added Tax, State and Local Government taxes, Import Duties, National Insurance and Stamp Duty.  Some companies will have an international dimension to their position.  A thorough knowledge of double tax treaties and co-operation with tax experts locally and overseas are offered.

Amongst the matters on which tax advice is given are:

* Corporate Reorganization * Mergers & Acquisitions
* Employee Benefit & Share Schemes * Equipment Leasing
* International Loans  * Partnership Tax Planning
* Pre-Flotation Tax Planning  


We undertake to give advice with regard to issues on taxation in consultation with tax consultants associated with the forum.