We believe that the success of a Law Firm in an emerging market depends on the integrity and commitment of its partners.

First, we emphasize our commitment to our clients: we do all we can to know and understand their business and their needs.  We are ready to exert ourselves to the full to achieve their objectives.  Our resources and structures are geared to meet their needs.

Second, we emphasize our commitment to our profession: it is right that Legal Practitioners should not only have a complete grasp of the law and its application in the jurisdiction in which they practice, but that they should also be conversant with the practice in other jurisdictions which may complement foreign business needs and interests in Nigeria, or the application of Nigerian business needs and interests in foreign jurisdictions.

Thirdly, despite our expertise in civil, commercial and criminal litigation, we are committed to the avoidance or, or the amicable resolution of disputes.  As such, we are able to provide internationally accepted Counsel’s Opinions which may guide clients in their approach to potential disputes, as well as being able to make use of all currently available alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including the ‘Multi-Door Courthouse’ approach available in several states of Nigeria and in overseas jurisdictions.

Finally, our commitment to the future of a global inter-dependent economy and reciprocal application of legal framework informs the various experiences of our senior partners in other causes capable of evolving a transparent world order.  Increasing competition, rapid technological advances, and the need for the protection of individual and corporate interests in an emerging market such as Nigeria will pose severe challenges to Legal Practitioners.  We are resolved to play a leading role in meeting these challenges.

Our senior partners were both trained in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria.  We strive to be more businesslike and enterprising, but the legal profession remains a profession with high ethical standards as well as a tradition of learning, research and technical excellence.  We are proud to abide by those standards and to maintain those traditions.